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Meena Vaidyanathan Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Meena Vaidyanathan Interview
Ravina Raj Kohli Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Ravina Raj Kohli Interview
Rajiv Khandelwal Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Rajiv Khandelwal Interview
Natya Tatineni Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Natya Tatineni Interview
M Ayyappan Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 M Ayyappan Interview
Jasjit Singh Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Jasjit Singh Interview
Anya Baum Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Anya Baum Interview
Hans Wahl Interview
ISEP SUMMIT 2018 Hans Wahl Interview
KGVK Women Self Help
Self-help Groups (SHGs) play a crucial role in poverty alleviation through active participation of the communities. By definition, SHGs are self-managed collectives and characterized by participatory decision making and pooling of their savings towards a common economic goal. The first evidence of a bank linkage of SHGs to allow them access to loans in India was in the mid 80s when MYRADA approached NABARD. Since then, SHGs have been actively promoted as to allow funding agencies to reach out to the poor without physical collateral, and are an effective instrument for grassroots organisations like KGVK to initiate livelihood interventions and build capacity in their Total Village Management programme.
The niiti primer on our approach to monitoring & evaluation.
This video captures the elements of a good monitoring and evaluation system to measure social impact and how it can be weaved into operations for better results, with insights into technological enablers to scale.
Abhijit Ray, Co-Founder of Unitus Capital
He talks about how Unitus helps its investee companies in a holistic manner. He also talks about his take on social innovation and gives examples from some of Unitus' client companies.
Rangan Varadan, Co-Founder of Microgram
An online microcredit platform using crowd sourcing to attract finance for social enterprises, talks about spending a good amount of time in figuring out the business model before starting his venture. He also emphasizes the importance of informal networks that helped him in his success.
Aarti Mohan, Chief Editor of 'The Alternative'
An online sustainability life-style platform, talks about how the platform empowers its readers to contribute to the magazine to create an inclusive community.
Bill Thies, Researcher at Technologies
He talks about the importance of prototyping one's innovation and testing it with the target users in the field. He also discusses ways in which technology is useful to scale or increase efficiency of an existing successful prototype but cautions that technology cannot always be relied on as the core solution.
Deepti Chatti, a researcher at the TERI University
She talks about how events or physical spaces that bring together people of different backgrounds to work together towards the same cause, help foster social innovation.
Awanti Bele, Director of Global Networks at Ennovent
An innovation accelerator, talks about how Ennovent helps its clients to foster social innovation. She also talks about some of the challenges for social innovation.
Shemeer Babu, Founder of 'm for Change'
An online and mobile platform that helps crowd-source information about a cause and build awareness, talks about how an existing innovation can be used to bring about change. He shares his views on how complex problems could be solved by simplifying and breaking them down into smaller steps.
Piyush Jaju, Co-Founder of ONergy
A solar lighting company, talks about the marketing strategy for their innovation in the market place that is based on providing better access to loans through banks and good after sales service. He also talks about how a combination of for-profit and non-profit legal entities works well for a social enterprise.
Dr. Ramana, Professor at XIMB
He talks about 'Business School on the Street', innovation that has taken business education to street vendors. He shares how committed professionals could contribute towards increasing the human capital and improving business for street vendors, and his vision for how he plans to scale up the initiative to an all-India level.
P R Ganapathy, COO of Villgro
A social enterprise incubator, talks about how the Villgro Innovation Foundation helps foster innovative based enterprises focused on the needs of the poor through its unique programs for entrepreneurs at different stages. He also talks about gaps that exist in the incubation industry.
Diana Jue, Co-Founder of Essmart
A last mile marketing and distribution company that aims at providing access to essential technologies to low income households. She talks about how they leverage their distribution channels to collect direct product feedback for manufacturers from customers. She also shares the importance of building relationships between the sales channels and customers to build credibility.
Diana Jue and Selvan Thandapani, of Essmart
A last mile marketing and distribution company, talk about their endeavour to close the loop in product design and development for the poor by leveraging the distribution channel to collect product feedback for manufacturers. They share their experiences on how they have been able to reduce their cost structure through innovations in inventory management, and the challenges of building market demand for quality.
Uday Wankawala from the National Entrepreneurship Network
A Wadhwani Foundation incubator, talks about how the incubator works with student entrepreneurs across the country. Mitesh Gala, Founder of SEED, a social enterprise that addresses rural needs, talks about how partnering with NEN has helped him build a product portfolio very quickly and in a cost effective manner. While SEED provides market needs, NEN gets products developed by students to address these needs.
Vivek Pandey, Co-Founder of ecoZen
A solar cold storage for farm produce, talks about how he received guidance from organizations that work with the same market segment selling different products. He also talks about how he leveraged these organizations to distribute his product.
Pooja Warier, Co-Founder of UnLtd India
A social innovation incubator, talks about how her organization uses the power of informal networks to foster social innovation. She shares her views on the value of sharing work spaces and how her organisation fosters this by providing co-working spaces and organizing learning programs for entrepreneurs.
Ross Baird, Co-Founder of Village Capital
He talks about his belief in for-profit, scalable ideas to bring about social change. He also talks about the unique method of peer evaluation used by Village Capital to fund incubatees. He emphasizes the importance of having clarity on business goals and objectives to reduce risk of failure.
Abhay Garg, Portfolio Manager at Acumen Fund
An impact investment fund, talks about how Acumen helps its investees foster innovation. He shares his views about the main challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this sector.
Aparajita Agarwal, Co-Founder of Intellecap
A consulting and financial advisory company, talks about Sankalp Forum, an initiative that aim to build an ecosystem for social innovators through events that provide networking and mentoring opportunities.
Neelam Maheshwari, Director of Grants at the Deshpande Foundation
She talks about the organization’s goals and they facilitate social innovation by working closely with initiatives in a tightly defined area consisting of several villages and Tier II cities in Karnataka.
Uday Kagal of Innovation Social Consultants
A BOP consulting company, talks about how his organization fosters social innovation by providing management and financial advisory services to social enterprises. He also shares his views on how such advisories can be successful only when there is mutual respect between social enterprises and consultants." class="cbp-lightbox cbp-l-caption-buttonRight
P Mukundan, Founder of Servals Automation
A cleantech product company, talks about the importance of venture funding, the support that the right venture capitalist can provide an entrepreneur and his own experiences with his funders.
Kannan and Vijay Babu of Vortex Engineering systems
A company that creates eco friendly robust ATMs, talk about the criticality of timing when it comes to seeking venture funding and share their own experiences on how their needs changed at different stages of scaling their venture.
Michelle Abraham, Co-Founder of Unconvention
An event-based eco system building platform run by Villgro Innovations Foundation, talks about the unique approach that Unconvention-Local has taken by going to Tier II and III cities of India to focus on providing an enabling platform for social innovators across India.
Joe Madiath, Co-Founder of Gram Vikas
An NGO focused on improving quality of life in the villages they work with in Odisha, talks about the challenges in hiring talent for rural projects and shares his views on how organisations can attract the right people and keep them motivated.
Deepak Srinivas
An investment banker who moved to Impact Investment by accident, talks about why he decided to move back to corporate investment banking and how he feels the regulatory environment in India could be more enabling to encourage more young professionals to be active in the social enterprise space.
Surya Narayanan, CFO of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements
An urban social incubator, talks about how how institutions like his can mentor and develop the social entrepreneur’s human capital in order to enable him/her to be more successful and establish more sustainable enterprises.
Professor Nagarajan, Head of CSIE at IIT Madras
He talks about challenges faced by students seeking to jump into social entrepreneurship right after college and how IIT Madras along with their alumni are trying to address some of these challenges.
George Verghese, President of Development Alternatives
An NGO focused on livelihoods and environment, talks about how he finds, attracts, motivates, empowers and retains talent.
Rikin Gandhi, Founder of Digital Green
A knowledge sharing platform amongst rural communities conceived at Microsoft Research, talks about how he finds, attracts, develops and empowers talent.
Kabir Chadha, Founder of Epoch Eldercare
A company providing health and support services for elder citizens, talks about how he hires talent at the same price and quality as any corporate for-profit organization and how he retains them by asking upfront for a one year commitment and providing a good career path.
Tripti Naswa, an engagement manager at Sattva
A media and consulting firm focused on enterprises serving the BOP, talks about how her motivation stems from the quality of work she does and the positive attitude of the management team.
Hindol Sengupta, Journalist and Founder of WhyPoll Trust
He talks about how he and his partners took a conscious decision to stay part time in the social sector while continuing to pursue "regular" jobs. He shares his views about the importance of hiring people with the right attitude, in additional to their skills.
Dr. Jitender Agarwal
A dentist who lost his eyesight and started an NGO to enable the disabled to be financially independent earn their living, talks about how he uses campus and college networks to find talent.
Salomi Nautiyal, an engineer-turned-social enterprise professional
She talks about why she changed her career path and what motivated her to do so.
Julian Marshall, Professor at the University of Minnesota
He talks about the challenges faced by students wanting to embrace social entrepreneurship and his mentoring strategies that help students overcome these challenges.
Arati Nandi, an experienced freelance consultant
She talks about the pros and cons being a freelancer and the importance of networking skills
Bashobi Tiwari, Founder of Green Earth
A producer of handicrafts, talks about how and why she started this company. She focuses on how she finds it difficult to delegate and rely on sub-ordinates, and the value of collaborating with like-minded organisations.
Roopa Mehta, founder of Sasha
She talks about her hiring and motivation strategies for employees.
B K Jhawar, Founder of Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra and industrialist
He talks about how he taps into the local community and develops their managerial skills to help them take on bigger organisational responsibilities.
Yezdi Karai an independent consultant
He talks about how discipline and management skills are just as important in the social space as they are in any other industry sector. He also shares how professionals wanting to move over to the social enterprise space need to adapt and learn new skills to be successful.
Savitri Sharma, Director of Find Your Feet
A UK based NGO, talks about how she found her job and how she prefers working with freelancers. She finds word of mouth marketing to be the best channel to find good, motivated professionals.
Sanjeev Kumar, Managing Trustee of the Goat Trust
He talks about how he entered into this sector by chance while interviewing for placements at campus. He finds huge attrition in this sector and would like to have a social networking website specifically for this sector to find good, motivated talent.
Durgesh Nandan, CEO of Automation Ads
A social enterprise that places advertisements on auto rickshaws, talks about how he looks for passion and similar values in candidates and how he leverages his personal passion for the work he does to attract the right people into his organisation.
Bharath Shetty, a serial entrepreneur
He talks about the lack of information sources to advise professionals like him who are eager to work on projects that can bring about social change, about available options for work in the social enterprise sector.
Kishan Nanavati, Sr. Manager at Spring Health Water
He talks about why he decided to move from the corporate sector to the social enterprise sector, and the reasons he doesn't get tempted by the many lucrative job offers he continues to get in the corporate world.
Sanjiv Sarangi, who works for Indian Grameen Services
A subsidiary of microfinance provider Basix, talks about the reasons he continues to be motivated being in the social sector for over 17 years.
Satyarupa Shekhar, Research Lead at IFMR Center for Development Finance
She talks about how an enabling workplace can motivate talent and how professionals like her have got hooked on development research.
Paul Basil, Founder and CEO of Villgro
A social innovation incubator, talks about the strategies to attract talent into his organization. He also discusses the importance of ownership and recognition for retaining the best employees.
Natasha Oza, Sr. Consultant, Talent Management at Dasra
A strategic philanthropy foundation and advisory, talks about how talent infusion in this sector has developed over the years and why there is low attrition at Dasra.
The team at Ashwini Adivasi Hospital
A hospital run by and for the Adivasi communities in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, talk about working styles and decision-making in a collaborative organisation where the community is involved in decision-making of the hospital and that fosters a sense of ownership among them. The hospital now serves both tribals and non tribals and has become a source of self esteem for the tribals.
The team at Ashwini Adivasi Hospital
A hospital run by and for the Adivasi communities in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, talk about working styles and decision-making in a collaborative organisation where the community is involved in decision-making of the hospital and that fosters a sense of ownership among them. The hospital now serves both tribals and non tribals and has become a source of self esteem for the tribals.
Roshan Nair, a social entrepreneur
talks about how he finds and develops talent. He talks about the importance of onboarding and clarity in job design.
Pari Jhaveri, Founder of Third Sector Partners
She talks about the trends in the movement of talent from corporate to social sector.
Aparna Joshi, a recruiter in the social sector
She talks about how social sector is different from corporate sector when it comes to recruitment. She also talks about what candidates look for in an organisation and what organizations look for in a candidate.
Dr. Reddy, Assistant Professor at TISS
He talks about the incubation center at his institution and how it supports in developing students to become social entrepreneurs.
Sudha Krishnan, Founder of Dialogue in the Dark
She talks about how she finds and manages talent, most of whom are visually impaired. She shares her views on why she believes her organization's attrition rate is very low.
Jaspal Shakya, Founder of Opportune Jobs, a recruitment platform
He talks about how rural and urban jobs require different kinds of candidates. He also shares his perspective on how candidates are evaluated by different kinds of organization such as MFIs and some unique challenges that he has seen while hiring talent.
Pankaj Jain, Founder of Impact Law Ventures
He talks about regulatory challenges for social enterprises and offers advice on how to overcome them.
Pallavi Singh, a freelance marketing consultant
She talks about how she balances projects in the social and corporate sectors, and how she derives work satisfaction from one and financial benefits from the other.
Rajnish Jain, Founder of Avani Bio Energy
He talks about how he finds talent among local youth and trains them to take over bigger responsibilities.
Michael MacHarg, Co-Founder of Simpa Networks
He talks about learning from customers and incorporating the learnings in the company's business model.
Svati Bhogle, Founder of Sustaintech India
She talks about the importance of developing a business sense along with technological excellence, and how it can be developed through collaboratons with various players in the social enterprise ecosystem.
Sam White, Founder of Promethean Power
He talks about critical moments in the history of the organization and how they learnt to overcome major challenges with support from the social enterprise ecosystem.
Saloni Malhotra, Founder of Desicrew
India's first rural BPO, talks about the role that IIT Madras Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) and Villgro, played in various stages of the organisation's growth. She also talks about how they have learnt to put the organization ahead of people and how they never backed down when challenges came about.
Caitlin Marinelli, Marketing Head of Uniphore
She talks about how the biggest moment in the company's history was when they decided to become a B2B company instead of B2C company. She also talks about the challenges they faced and the ecosystem supported them at critical moments of their journey.
Mukund Deogaonkar, Founder of First Energy
He talks about how their funders helped them completely change their business model. He emphasises the importance of being open to change and listening actively to market feedback and how building a company and bringing about change needs patience and perseverance.
Myshkin Ingawale, Founder of Biosense
He talks about how the belief in their idea and incubation by IIM-Ahmedabad and the Villgro Innovations Foundation helped them grow. He also talks about the importance of making mistakes fast and learning from them.
Jatin Singh, Founder of Skymet
He talks about the impact the organisation has created, which he attributes to association with great weather scientists, getting good customers, incubation support by Villgro, and getting timely Venture Capital funding.
Sreejith, N.N. Co-Founder of Rope International
He talks about his biggest lessons knowing how to focus on the right opportunity, managing cash and satisfying the customer. He also talks about how he started off by partnering with another company and how incubation support by Villgro played a part in their success.

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