Campaign ideation and management

Conceptualizing an innovative and targeted campaign to reach stakeholders who are the audience for a socially relevant campaign is something we at niiti love doing. In the projects we have conceptualized and implemented so far, we have worked with a limited brief and provided very specific measurable results for our clients. Campaigns around building awareness, mobilizing communities towards a specific action and result or marketing and business development campaigns excite us the most. See transform urban india

Past Work

[Marketing strategy development and implementation plan for an inter-disciplinary institute focussed on holistic urban development]

[Web marketing strategy and implementation plan]

[Concept and implementation of a youth platform for finding holistic solutions for complex urban challenges]

[Marketing strategy development and implementation plan. Training on leveraging social media for advocacy and impact]

[Operations and marketing strategy development and implementation plan]

[Brand outreach and CSR strategy and implementation plan]

[Market Research to understand the potential of employability for students specialised in CSR related training]

[Marketing advisory for an upcoming University in rural Jharkhand]

[Scoping study on identification of the most challenging social issues in India and creation of deep-dive reports on them]

Clients & Partners