As practitioners who are in roles that can make a difference to lives beyond your immediate selves, there are several instances where you might have loved to get a little practical advice and do-it-yourself information on topics that are critical but not necessarily "taught".

niiti team members have been working extensively in the corporate and social sector around strategy, implementation, marketing, research, analysis and measurement, and we have learnt "how to" do things better through our collective experience. So we decided to spread the love a little and have created the niiti doer's labs.Doer's Labs help the practitioner (Doer) interested in sustainable and socially relevant business practices to develop necessary skill sets and access to easy-to-use and efficient tool kits.

Workshop Guide Lines

We conduct these workshops in a time-efficient, interactive format. Call us if you are interested in any of the topics below or have another topic in mind but didn't know whom to ask.

  • What is Sexual Harassment? How does the law interpret a situation under the Sexual Harassment Act?
  • Scenario Analysis- Participants will have an opportunity to determine whether a particular situation warrants a redressal through discussion of real-life scenarios.
  • How to set up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)- do's and don'ts?
  • Understand process flow for addressing complaints.
  • How to conduct an investigation?
  • How to award punishments- what is within the purview of the ICC?
  • Practice session- Role Plays.
  • Recommendations on simple steps to create safe workplaces.
Ideal for HR managers and senior management in companies
  • What is a Producer Company?
  • Steps involved in creating Producer companies.
  • What are the benefits to small farmers?
  • How/When is forming a Producer Company more useful than forming societies?
  • Basics of Finance, HR and Marketing and Operations.
  • How to create a business plan?
  • How/Where to source funds?
  • How to create a budget and income sheet?
Ideal for farmers, producers, NGO and corporates involved in facilitating farmer groups.
  • What is sustainability?
  • Understanding the 5 ways of being sustainable.
  • What is Fair Trade?
  • Importance of certifications.
  • What are benefit of being sustainable to you?
Ideal for small farmers and those involved in rural trades, NGOs and corporates involved in facilitating rural programmes.
  • Why should social impact be measured?
  • Economic benefits of efficient Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Demystifying the "Logic Model".
  • How to create a Logic Model for your social programme?
  • What are Assumptions and why are they important to take Decisions?
  • What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  • Identify the KPIs for your programme?
Ideal for CSR leads, project managers in NGOs and social enterprises, Impact Investors.
  • Myths about social media.
  • How to choose the best social media platforms for your programme?
  • How to maximise impact with minimum effort?
  • Do's and Don'ts when it comes to community mobilisation.
  • Learning through case studies.
Ideal for CSR leads, project managers in NGOs and social enterprises, students.
  • Why is reporting important?
  • Reporting formats mandated by law.
  • Learning from the best CSR reports.
  • Understanding stakeholders
  • Create your own report format.
Ideal for CSR leads, project managers in NGOs and social enterprises, marketing managers and Independent Directors on Boards.
  • What is gender sensitivity?
  • Are we sub-consciously insensitive?
  • Scenario analysis: Insensitive behaviour at work and home.
  • Simple ways to overcome biases and prejudices.
Ideal for just about anyone!
  • Diversity is not only about hiring women.
  • How to determine the nature of diversity your organisation needs?
  • Economic benefits of having diversity at work.
  • Case study analysis of how some organisations do better when they embrace diversity.
  • Simple ways to promote diversity at your workplace.
  • Create your own diversity roadmap.
Ideal for CEOs, HR heads, Management Consultants and Students.


Doer's Labs Capacity Building programme looks at topics that are relevant to socially conscious professionals like good corporate governance, diversity, social impact measurement, community mobilisation and engagement, etc. and develop content and time-efficient workshops for them to develop necessary skill sets. The Doer's Labs participant goes back from these workshops with a ready-to-use set of tools and skills that are ready for deployment.


Doer's Labs Do-It-Yourself Tools is intended to be a set of interesting technology platforms and tools that are developed by niiti in partnership with subject matter expertsto help socially conscious professionals leverage technology for developing sustainable solutions for lasting social change. Some of the areas that we are developing these tools include HR, Decision making, Monitoring and Project Management, Evaluation and Reporting, etc. Watch this space for updates.


Doer's Labs Research Tools leverage standard research methodologies like surveys, analytics and reviews that can be beneficial for professionals to reference and use in their programmes. We are working on summarising some Research Tools in the areas of employability, water and sanitation, gender safety and CSR reporting that we believe can help professionals in their larger quest for creating social impact. Watch this space for updates.

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  • We felt the strong need to review our market outreach strategies and implementation on ground so that they can be more effective and more importantly, measurable. We hired niiti Consulting to critically look at our systems and processes and suggest a plan of action that will help us reach our stakeholders better. We found that they far exceeded their mandate to study each business and department in detail in addition to their own independent...

    Premkumar S
    Group CEO, Apollo

  • KGVK (Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra) and the Usha Martin University Foundation have engaged with niiti Consulting on two projects since April 2013.
    A project in the social space on developing a monitoring and evaluation process, systems and technology in our Total Village Management program that covers currently 200 villages in Jharkhand. Another project in developing...

    Yezdi Karai
    Board Member, KGVK

  • We love working with Meena and her team at niiti Consulting - creative, flexible, thoughtful, and well networked in the social sector. Our VoX project (http://www.villgro.org/vox-videos) would have never seen the light of day without niiti's dedication!"...

    Dr. Jessica Seddon
    Head, Knowledge Management,
    Okapi Research
    Senior Fellow IIT
    Madras centre for Technology and Policy

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