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Latest News

Dimension Data, Mumbai - Gender Safety workshop

8 th March was lot of fun and excitement. Doers’ Labs added another feather to its cap “workshop on women safety”. Without using any martial arts techniques or carrying any weapons, with women of Dimensions Data we created a new safety mantra ……BREAK…..Break the silence, Recognise risks, Empower, Aware and Know safety techniques. The 2 hrs workshop gave us a group of friends who shared, laughed over experiences, discovered safety equipment like safety pins and key rings and promised to be anything but damsels in distress.

Operational Efficiency for field staff and project coordinators of Save The Children in Delhi

On March 16, we conducted a workshop on Documenting for Operational Efficiency for field staff and project coordinators of Save The Children in Delhi. We helped them get a hands-on understanding of efficient ways of data collection and documentation methods with specific examples from their ongoing project.

The Knowledge Factory

You could call it Learntatainment! Along with some like-minded souls - a well-known journalist with an envious social media presence, Madhavan Narayanan and Amith Prabhu, a young communicator who has single-handedly created some fantastic events and properties like Praxis, Manifest, niiti created The Knowledge Factory.

The first edition of Knowledge Factory, a one of its kind platform targeted at socially aware urban professionals to bring entertainment through insightful conversations on contemporary social issues, business, literature, arts and everyday life. It was launched in March 2017 at New Delhi. This platform aims to provide information and interactive experiences in an entertaining setting that shape intelligent, socially and intellectually aware citizens.

Exciting quizzes, fun demonstrations and a dash of stand-up comedy enlivened the minds. Speakers at the festival included intellectuals, activists, performing artists, musicians, writers and management experts. We like to think of us as a “Studio of Knowledge” — in finding “indie” voices that stretch the frontiers of knowledge or bring deeper experiences to those weaned on pop noises.

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Small Tea Grower Societies (STGS)

CEC Business Planning Workshops were conducted by niiti for representatives of Small Tea Grower Societies (STGS) to help them familiarise with Producer Companies, setting up and running of a manufacturing unit for tea processing, financial management and basics of marketing and human resource management. The workshops, six in number, conducted over a period of three months were attended by representatives of 36 STGS based out of the states of Assam, West Bengal and Tripura. A combination of theory lessons followed by a practice session was the delivery mode. Case studies and examples of existing FPOs in India and elsewhere were extensively used to highlight real issues and how different organisations have overcome the issues and challenges.

Manifest 2016

Manifest 2016 - the Founder's Summit, a two day even was co organized by non profit organisation The PRomise Foundation and intellectual property specialist company Event Capital in Delhi on 29th and 30th July 2016. Mint was the strategic partner for the event. niiti consulting joined hands with PRomise Foundation to help curate the event. The key note speakers for the event included first generation entrepreneurs like Mr Velumani, founder Thyrocare, Ms Radhika Agarwal, Co-founder Shopclues, Ms Amira Shah, Founder Metropolis Healthcare among many others who shared their stories and journey to success. The summit saw more than 60 speakers share insights over eight power exchanges and an engaged audience that asked a number of questions. Ms Meena Vaidyanathan, Founder niiti consulting also spoke on the evolving role of New Media impacting the manner in which audience seek to be engaged. Other sectors covered in the Summit included Fintech, Finance, Aggregators, Food tech, Edutech, Social Impact and Technology. CNBC TV 18 covered the event as a part of their Young Turk program on 6th and 7th Aug 2016.

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PRomise Foundation

Promise foundation - The PRomise Foundation is a not-for-profit by a group of like-minded Public Relations and corporate communications professionals that work closely with industry associations and other partners as and when required. Their key initiatives include a Scholarship Programme for post-graduate students of Public Relations and a quarterly Newsletter called PRISM.
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Professional Heights

Professional Heights- Professional Heights is a Leadership Hiring Firm providing consulting services to both Senior Management candidates as well as Clients who are interested in identifying "passive" candidates in the job market, for exclusive positions across the globe. They also curate Circle of Trust, an online collaborative platform run by a group of professional recruiters to share their networks and exclusive job opportunities.

Global CAD

Global CAD- CAD, the Centre of Partnerships for Development, is a global network of experts committed to human and sustainable development sharing the common belief that promoting partnerships is a necessity if we are to find innovative and durable solutions to global challenges.
CAD services include research, strategic advice, technical support, and capacity building in the following technical areas:
1) Cross sector partnerships,
2) Green Economy and Climate Change mitigation,
3) SME and inclusive business,
4) Aid efficiency and evaluation and
5) Transition towards sustainability.

Insights Success has featured niiti among the top 50 emerging businesses in India led by women.

It was the result of a country-wide survey of all emerging businesses across sectors, which makes it even more special. We have tried hard to make social business consulting mainstream and now being considered as one of the top few "emerging businesses" to me is a greater success than being featured among the top women entrepreneurs. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support and good wishes, and hope we partner again in our quest to do good!

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