Market Research:

As part of our research and strategy development work, we regularly conduct primary and secondary market research. We have undertaken market research projects across industry sectors- from scoping employability for CSR professionals in the corporate sector to understanding talent infusion and management in the for-profit social enterprise sector; from conducting focus group discussions involving technologists and students to understand the landscape of sustainable construction design to understanding the magnitude of mobile penetration in a region.

We are happy to leverage our subject matter expertise combining it with research methodologies to create practice-friendly market survey reports. Call or email us to know more.

Past Work

[Market Research to understand the potential of employability for students specialised in CSR related training]

[Social impact assessment design and implementation of pilot. Training on monitoring and evaluation methods]


[Scoping study on identification of the most challenging social issues in India and creation of deep-dive reports on them]



The niiti primer on our approach to...

This video captures the elements of a good monitoring and evaluation system ...



Research Papers

Villgro launched its research program in 2010 with a three-year grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).


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