Team and Network

The belief that many socio-economic issues can be addressed and resolved by ordinary people if their energies are channelized in the right direction, led to the conception of niiti consulting. Anyone with a passion to be the change and having the requisite skill set and professionalism to enable the change can be a part of the niiti network. We practice the mantra of financial and operational sustainability by keeping overheads low while having a wide network of world-class professionals spread across geographies. We constantly strive to find the right balance between profitability and staying true to enabling social change at the grassroot level. It's not easy, but our working ethos and being innovative and flexible have helped us stay true to our vision. The extraordinary niiti network of passionate professionals who yearn to make a difference make it possible.
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Core Team

Meena Vaidyanathan

Meena has over 25 years of experience working across industry sectors specialising in public policy, strategy and programme design as well as marketing. She has worked closely with senior management in leading organisations around the world advising them on change management strategies and supporting the implementation. She has worked on several case studies at Harvard Business School, INSEAD and IMT, Dubai. She believes in being a hands-on professional and switches easily between boardroom discussions and working on the field. She has a double Masters in Biotechnology and Management, and a certificate on Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD.
She is an accomplished vocalist and loves to travel and cook.

Ruchi Jolly

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Ruchi is also the Chief Operations Officer of niiti. She came to niiti with a corporate experience in financial planning and management reporting, process design and automation. From reducing costs and improving productivity in business she has transitioned to measurement and evaluation of social impact of CSR projects. She has worked on social impact projects related to education, career prospects of rural women and led development and training on practitioner-focussed content on CSR for institutions and corporates. Ruchi is a master crochet weaver and surprises us every now and then with her marvelous creations.

Dr. Sudeshna Chatterjee

Sudeshna Chatterjee is a development economist and works as a consultant for the Social sector. She specializes in designing, documenting and measuring impact of social sector initiatives. She brings with her more than 15 years of professional experience in research projects. Besides her work, she enjoys being close to nature.

Navin Sharma

Navin Sharma is a former investment banker turned entrepreneur and consultant. As a banker in India and the US, Navin led the preparation of company valuations, financial models, and marketing strategies. He is also adept at conducting due diligence, valuation analysis and term sheet structuring for debt, private equity and M&A transactions. Navin holds an MBA (Finance) from UCLA Anderson and a B.E. (Electrical Engineering). Navin is a travel enthusiast and football lover.

Mansi Suryavanshi

Mansi has a management diploma from Indian Institute of Management and has over a decade of work experience across various industry sectors including corporate, non- profit, education and events. She has worked extensively with CXO audiences across India with Research and consulting firms like International Market Assessment India Private Limited on one hand, with not-for-profit organisations like INTBAU (Prince of Wales' Charitable Foundation) on the other. Her skill set ranges from business development to creating sectoral reports to marketing outreach campaigns. A person with multi creative inclinations, she likes music and is a certified fashion designer committed to promoting Indian handlooms.

Ramya Gopalakrishnan

Ramya is a brand management, business consulting, business communication specialist. She writes on a wide range of issues ranging from business to parenting. She is an MBA, loves books, adores the six-yard Indian drape and is passionate about food.

Pallavi Singh

Pallavi holds a Masters’ degree in marketing & communications is experienced in market research, public relations and building robust brand strategies. With a 14 year work experience across a wide range of sectors from technology to social development to fashion, Pallavi straddles many boats. At niiti, she has participated actively in executing strategy campaigns, market research and outreach programmes. Team niiti is usually excellently turned out thanks to advice from Pallavi, our in-house fashionista, who has an award-winning fashion blog to her credit!

Karthik Narayanan

A seasoned marketing professional with over 2 decades of experience in marketing and brands. With a work trajectory that started from advertising, marketing research, consumer insight roles to formulating brand strategy, helping build brand ideas, rejuvenating legacy brands, innovation and communication idea development, Karthik brings rich experience and expertise drawn from his body of work in corporate and research firms. He specialises in building ‘brand stories’ especially for startups and social development projects, and is passionate about designing program solutions and behavioral change strategies. Karthik never misses an opportunity to teach Brand Management at his almamater NMIMS, and loves reading.

Krittika Deshwal

Krittika Deshwal specializes in the field of Risk Analysis, Internal Audit and Compliance. She has worked as a Risk Consultant with notable organisations with a clientele spanning some of the largest fortune 500 companies. Her demonstrated success in creating sectoral analysis reports for several industries, helped several organisations derive good valuations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and an MBA in Finance. She is also a project management enthusiast and a Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM).

Devyani Srinivasan

Devyani Srinivasan is a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist, trainer and business coach. She has over a decade of experience in designing and managing monitoring and evaluation programmes for recognized organisations in the social sector. Devyani has significant experience and expertise in designing and conducting needs assessment studies and has domain expertise in designing, participating in and analyzing the data from focus groups and PRAs. She loves the salsa and loves travelling!

Swati Gaur

Swati is a dedicated development professional with over a decade of work experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research across industry sectors. She is a statistician by training and is adept at Data collection and Analysis. She also has subject matter expertise in water and sanitation, public health, microfinance, and sustainable supply chains. Swati is a serious yoga practitioner and trainer and believes in holistic living.

Bharath Shetty

Bharath started his career as a software consultant and carved a niche for himself managing large complex and time-critical projects at some of the leading software firms in the world. He experience in working in India and Canada combined with his diverse experience, strategic thinking and finance acumen has stood him in good stead while executing several Investment Banking and Consulting projects for microfinance, NGOs, hospitality and education sector companies. He has subject matter expertise in designing livelihood interventions and has effectively managed several impact measurement projects. Bharath is a mechanical engineer and has a Master’s degree in management with a specialization in finance and strategy. He loves travelling and is one of the most helpful souls to have around!

Tulika Srivastava

Tulika has a degree in Business Planning and a Masters in sustainable development. Right through her school days she has been passionate about being the change and wants to contribute actively to build sustainable cities to live and work. She loves to be in the field working closely with stakeholders and enjoys travelling.

Dr. Shweta Srivastava

Shweta works as a Sustainability Consultant, Educator, Researcher and Writer. She holds a PhD in Urban Sustainability : Carbon Footprints, and has a background in Architecture with a specialization in Environmental Design. Her experience is both in the field of academia – Teaching and Research as well as Consulting in both UK and India. Her research and academic background is in sustainable habitats and urbanism. She also has a deep interest in Strategic Sustainability Planning and Management and Social entrepreneurship. Away from work she loves to read and travel, her ambition being able to travel extensively around the world with a new book for every journey.

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