A Community of Single Women Can Sustain Any Livelihood Opportunity

“अब महिला है ना हमरे साथ”- A Community of Single Women Can Sustain Any Livelihood Opportunity

For any Delhi girl, comfort zones have always been the top priority. We have been so privileged to be the “
आँख का तारा” of our parents. We have been provided with the best of facilities so as to keep our smile intact. After I completed my masters, I was a fresher to this newly offered job role in the social sector in Niiti consultancy as a consultant. Unaware of what I was about to explore and learn, I was given a chance to visit the Marathwada region in Maharashtra as a part of a project.

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Meena Vaidyanathan, founder-director at niiti consulting, engages with IRMA’s centres for social entrepreneurship

Beginning April, Meena Vaidyanathan had the opportunity to visit and share the vision and approach of niiti consulting with various scholars at IRMA. See Facebook page below for details. https://www.facebook.com/IRMA.iSEC/posts/1194102097414923?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAXBWW_zIjcW_eRGo-8N4s3KAxhyU1BcLYeVl3Iqu6Vl7YlsNfkr8nqtn0ocPhxuRhuFsW3S9Lgeyaq0VTt9Wlp-evhFZKoF-fjrrTmRqWw6nJyGXylKlGA31Fl6sbsUAWesuH4EkiC4mn5o08U_LHxLk0h4WwkqlZWtUeN0jX04kl-vJZX0Ls62zwlru6c_aW7rrfGLBkZYYvY-KfP05l-DPz2yEXc9eck4vZS5fnweuH1xbE-I8Bao8PjcevMQZ4_Zzo3gzRpxCl0DaDyQ2W-_7OxT5GYCKtWvozikphNbWm4xYsDhAyl6tHpISHf0_Sb6IV-BJoW8gpTXbB6gwkmkA&__tn__=-R

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