XPRIZE’s Global Development Prize Group is deploying their innovation engine to find rapidly scalable, radically affordable, and deeply sustainable solutions for the billions of people on our planet who still lack access to basic necessities.
Prize competitions will develop innovations to address grand challenges within eight focus areas of global development, viz: Food security; Water and sanitation; Efficiency and quality of living environments (e.g., infrastructure issues in urban slums, affordable housing, air pollution, and waste management); Alternative energy; Access to finance; Public health; Innovations in education and National and personal security (e.g., democratic elections, addressing gender-based violence and human trafficking)
India will serve as XPRIZE’s first global testing ground, where XPRIZE will design and launch incentive prizes that create solutions to positively impact humanity. The ultimate vision for Global Development is to award a slate of prizes that collectively improve the lives of over a billion people by 2020.
niiti is partnering with XPRIZE to identify key stakeholders to debate on the major problems that should be posed for the prizes. See www.xprize.org