Liability and Compliance in Climate Change

While there is no doubt that Climate Change is a global problem, in order to overcome it, it needs to be broken into blocks. However, that is easier said than done. In attempting to accomplish this, a lot many aspects of Climate Change are ignored and do not receive adequate funding or research. Two of the many such pertinent yet ignored aspects are compliance and liability.

Even within these domains, it is has been difficult to achieve harmonization – international versus national versus local being the main spectrum of difference. Sovereignty issues lead to most international agreements having a weak and flexible compliance system. This has its advantages but non-compliance results in countries’ losing faith in the agreement itself. Such is also the case with liability risks and related insurance.

Keeping this in mind, the Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) has organized the International Conference On Compliance And Liability In Climate Change Negotiationswhich will bring forth the cross-sectoral nature of compliance and liability issues and at the same time, generate discourse around these issues.

CSE ‘brings experts from across the globe to discuss these challenges and illuminate upon solutions that we must work towards. The panel comprises renowned environmental lawyers, professors and climate negotiators who will be facing NGOs, campaigners, researchers and together will try to find answers to one of the most challenging quandaries that climate change harbingers.’

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