Knowledge Factory 2020

Knowledge Factory is a platform for young professionals to meet over a meaningful experience. It is an avenue for knowledge exchange through a fun and interesting way. The tag line Mind. Mischief. More is about serious fun. It leaves a lot to imagination because the factory is an open canvas. Much of what will happen at the festival is open to interpretation.

The literature festival, a brainchild of Narayanan Madhavan, Meena Vaidyanathan, and Amith Prabhu is ‘the hangout’ for intelligent professionals.

This year, the event is being conducted in Mangalore on 10th January and will witness participation from renowned and established professionals from all walks of life. At Knowledge Factory 2020, we will have engaging speakers who will share their views with an eclectic audience and aren’t afraid to be challenged, even though they are opinionated.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of fun learning?