The Knowledge Factory

You could call it Learntatainment! Along with some like-minded souls – a well-known journalist with an envious social media presence, Madhavan Narayanan and Amith Prabhu, a young communicator who has single-handedly created some fantastic events and properties like Praxis, Manifest, niiti created The Knowledge Factory.

The first edition of Knowledge Factory, a one of its kind platform targeted at socially aware urban professionals to bring entertainment through insightful conversations on contemporary social issues, business, literature, arts and everyday life. It was launched in March 2017 at New Delhi. This platform aims to provide information and interactive experiences in an entertaining setting that shape intelligent, socially and intellectually aware citizens.

Exciting quizzes, fun demonstrations and a dash of stand-up comedy enlivened the minds. Speakers at the festival included intellectuals, activists, performing artists, musicians, writers and management experts. We like to think of us as a “Studio of Knowledge” — in finding “indie” voices that stretch the frontiers of knowledge or bring deeper experiences to those weaned on pop noises.

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