Roundtable Discussion on “Possible Models for Upskilling Migrant Workers” | 19th Feb’ 2021 | 11am-1pm IST | Virtual Discussion

A whopping 90% of India’s workforce is comprised of unskilled workers. Skilling them is the only way they can aim to improve incomes.

Aajeevika Bureau and niiti consulting invite you to a Roundtable discussion on that aims to discuss the findings of, ‘On the Job Training Programme’ impact study. The participatory deliberation between experts in this space, we hope, will result in a clear direction of how this model can be adapted widely across other geographies, and different sectors. If you are in sectors like construction, that regularly work with migrants; or impact investors, policy makers, skilling experts, your contribution to the dialogue will be very valuable. To participate, register at You can access the OJT impact report here.

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