Some Much Needed Mash-Up Reveling

Just last weekend Niiti Consulting Inc. hosted a weekend long set of meetings for members of the internal as well as external Niiti Network. The Mash-Up weekend was not only productive for persons already in India’s social sectors but it was also a learning experience for many, including myself, who is not yet in a particular space but has a friendly inkling that social entrepreneurship may just hold some unfound treasures that belong to a curious and social-remedied mind.

This little event of just thirty odd people in a little village in little India is something I will never forget. As a youngin’ setting out into the world for the first time since graduating in December, I feel that it was fate for Niiti and I to collide so well on this cold January morning. I met smart, thoughtful, and just genuinely  good people! Everyone had different talents and interests and yet everyone seemed to mesh on the nobility of the cause that had us all gathered together.

We talked about the world, i.e. concerns, issues, insecurities, creativity and discovered from between ourselves how businesses and society itself can interact in more ways than exist thus far. The various people who turned out was what made the experience so wonderful. There were elder business partners who were in the highest mark of their careers, as well as 20 year olds still in college and already looking for scientific and educational opportunities to expand their interests. From Niiti’s five pre-selected experts, everyone that attended the mash-up was able to gain real insight into approaches for social entrepreneurship. The Niiti experts facilitated small group discussions on business strategy, design, finance, and marketing. Feedback from attendees was spectacular and as everyone shuffled out of the little room above the clothing shop in Hauz Khas Village, smiles lit up and pens were on the loose, writing down e-mails and exchanging information. I believe I speak on behalf of everyone that attended when I say thank you Niiti! Thank you for the opportunity and for everyone involved you were truly exemplary and I look forward to see what wonderful things you embark on in the New Year. Keep in touch.

dsc_0374Iliana Foutsitzis is a recent graduate of Northeastern University’s Political Science curriculum. Before embarking on a law degree Iliana is spending a gap year in New Delhi, India interning with the Niiti Consulting team. Contact Iliana at

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