About Us

Founded in 2019, Questera Foundation stems out of the decade long (and continued) experience of niiti consulting Pvt ltd. in Strategy design, monitoring and evaluation of CSR programs. At Questera, we seek to create sustained and long-lasting impact for marginalised communities in India, through research-driven strategies, systematic support and specialised partnerships. Questera acts as a catalyst, bridging the gap between stakeholders - community, knowledge partners, enablers and community-based organizations to ensure maximum impact. The community is always at the heart of our work.

Our Vision

Break the cycle of marginalisation by creating an eco-system of equal opportunities for communities through collaboration.

Our Offering

Overcoming Challenges
Barriers for the community -> Questera's intervention (QF)

Our Work

Community-Led Problem Solving

Community-Led Problem Solving

Equipping the community to develop their own solutions, amplifying the same, and enabling them to execute the solution, making them their own beneficiaries

The ecosystem of Resources & Partnerships

The ecosystem of Resources & Partnerships

Utilizing action-based research strategies to identify gaps & build robust resources & partner with relevant domain specialists to ensure greater on-ground impact

Sustainable, long-lasting solutions

Sustainable, long-lasting solutions

Bridging the gap between resources, varied communities, and organizations to ensure long-lasting impact, promoting collaboration over competition between stakeholders

Our Approach

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Assess Map ground realities, examine needs, profiles, constraints, and external forces

Mobilize Local partners, champions, and networks required to drive change

Skill Workshops, trainings, and tertiary support to promote success

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Design Create community & user research driven initiatives that create opportunities and strengthen objectives

Operate Operationalize the initiative, and support running of the same through expert guidance & domain partnerships

Sustain Encourage sustainability of initiative through leadership mentoring, strategic marketing, and ecosystem building

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Network Partners

Asses  Assess and record existing organizations, Assess associations and networks

Match Match the organizations with the relevant Match stakeholders, thereby matching the needs of both

Optimize Explore interdependencies and provide cross- Optimize connections that strengthen the ecosystem

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