Beyond Brick and Mortar to Virtual
niiti had been reaping the benefits of virtual, remote work, for its clients and members, well before the pandemic. Since the year 2009.
Beyond Profit to Purpose
We work with the purpose of the client’s enterprise, beyond the specific project deliverable.
Beyond Hierarchy to Networks
And we do this without fixed titles or designations; the expertise a member brings to the project determines the role.
Beyond Privacy to Transparency
The foundation of remote work is trust. And the trust amongst niiti members and with client enterprises results in an environment that is fearless and open.
Beyond Controlling to Empowering
Bound with a sense of purpose and let by trust, niiti members create and innovate, free to pick their projects and work timings.
Beyond Servicing in Partnerships  
It is trust, and niiti’s unrelenting focus on purpose, that leads client enterprises to see niiti as a true partner.
Beyond Planning to Experimentation
Enterprises look to us for both top-down and bottom-up work approaches. We enable agility by responding to dynamics on the ground and learning from them.
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