Turnkey capabilities in practitioner-focused research projects.

We have done deep dive analyses and developed sector reports addressing several areas of social relevance, across the urban and rural milieu. Our approach to sectoral deep dive is practitioner oriented and our strong networks in the space ensures that the research is market facing and based on ground reality. We have undertaken feasibility studies and market research projects across industry sectors- from scoping employability for CSR professionals in the corporate sector to understanding talent infusion and management in the for-profit social enterprise sector; from conducting focus group discussions involving technologists and students to understand the landscape of sustainable construction design to understanding the magnitude of mobile penetration in a region. Our ability to collect authentic data in a time and efficient manner via an automated platform, as well as our specialist analytics team make us a compelling partner for market research. We also have the capability and the experience to produce Annual reports for corporates and social enterprises and develop Detailed Project Reports for NGOs. Long experience in working at grassroots enable our competent content team to have the right focus and approach to develop these documents that are compliant with regulatory norms while being user-friendly.

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