The niiti team brings together the best in research, analysis, advise and above all practice. We have hugely benefited from partnering with niiti in setting out our skilling interventions on a path of scale and innovation. The relationship goes way beyond a consultancy arrangement – its an alliance for breaking common ground!  We are looking forward to more collaboration this year.

Rajiv Khandelwal, Co-Founder, Ajivika Bureau

The niiti team was instrumental in helping us set up a robust and sensitive Internal Complaints Committee and an effective PoSH policy. They developed and ran very interactive gender sensitization workshops across the organisation that were well received by the employees. We respect their commitment to bringing social change through their work and would be delighted to partner with them again.

Dr. Sudha Rao, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Genotypic Technology Pvt Ltd

The niiti team was instrumental in helping us set up a robust and sensitive Internal Complaints Committee and an effective PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy. We had great support from them Their support in creating gender sensitization workshops and anti-harrassment training and outreach within the organisation in a timely manner. was great. The team’s led ably and their inputs, attitude and conduct was more of a partner than a consultant. I would love to work with Meena and her team in the future as well.

Kannika Sagar, Chief People Officer, HCL Infosystems

The niiti team is not just a consultant for us. We have a close partnership that has only deepened with each passing year. The team is truly committed to bring value and it reflects in their work as well as their attitude.

Manisha Singh, Communications & CSR, India Market, Nokia

We have had a long association with the niiti team. The partnered with us in creating practitioner-focussed research critical to the social enterprise domain. They also helped with evaluating our incubatees and putting together an Impact Evaluation matrix for the same. They are a small team but are solution-focussed and have a great attitude. We look forward to working with them again.

Paul Basil, Founder and CEO, Villgro

The niiti team helped us plan our 2025 country strategy. The rigour and discipline they brought to the table was amazing. The team was really committed to delivering an outcome that was sustainable and consultative in every way. We would love to partner with them again.

Dr. Mary Verghese, Executive Director, The Leprosy Mission Trust India

The niiti team helped us ideate and build our brand story. They bring a unique combination of subject matter expertise and creativity to the table which adds great value to an organisation like IAVI. We have had a long association with them and would continue to partner with them in the future.

Dr. Rajat Goyal, Country Director, India, IAVI

Niiti Consulting has been an excellent resource for small tea farmers in Assam and West Bengal in building their entrepreneurship. the Niiti Consulting Team, were quick to understand our particular needs, configure the course contents as was necessary and provide tailored practical training to the farmers in their pursuit to move up the value chain. It goes to the credit of Niiti Consulting Team that many of those who attended the training are now venturing to set up mini tea processing factories and have evolved a unique marketing strategy.

J John, CEC

The niiti team recently did the end-term evaluation (2014-18) of The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s Advocacy and Communication programme. This is a large programme spread across 9 states of India. The niiti team did a wonderful job evaluating such a massive programme and was clear in their approach, adhering strictly to the timelines. We loved working with them.

Ms Nikita Sarah, Head of Advocacy and Communication, The Leprosy Mission Trust India
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