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    We are the people behind the scenes – the ones who set the stage for socially aware and conscious organisations to perform. Seeking to be change agents for society, we partner with organizations from various business sectors to engage in projects that aim to have a strong impact by providing local, sustainable solutions.

    We have supported organizations through various stages of development and requirements from incubation and mentorship to strategizing amongst others. We provide start-up support to newbies; redevelop strategy for old-timers; create (and innovate on) exciting marketing campaigns and strategies; partner in organisational restructuring. In short, we help organisations, large and small, adopt and develop sustainable solutions and practices across a variety of sectors.

    The people who drive this are the niiti consultants. The primary quality in a niiti consultant is passion for social change. Our network of consultants collectively clocks in well over a century of experience across social entrepreneurship, business strategy, research and marketing and communication in a variety of social sectors ranging from healthcare to education; urbanisation to gender safety and livelihood development to social audits.

    Other than our consultants, we rely on our global network of partners that not only allows us easy access to expertise in certain key sectors but also gives us an excellent sounding board and speaks to our crowd-sourcing, idea-loving heart.

    If you would like to know more, just drop us a line at info@niiticonsulting.com


    “We are delighted to share with you news of a project dear to our hearts. In partnership with Karmany (www.karmany.org.) our proposal on “Clearing the Uncertainty of working in the Social Sector” has been awarded the economic inclusion ecosystem fund by Ashoka Globalizer. ( http://ashokaglobalizer.com/economic-inclusion/ecosystem-grant-fund).”

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